Grow Personally and Professionally

Every month we host one unique Professional Development Session.  Sessions highlight a skill, topic or certification that will benefit us all as young professionals moving further into our careers.

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Meet Like-Minded Professionals

We are a group of passionate, fun and go-getting young professionals always seeking to grow as individuals and give back to our community.  Members of the club develop close and lasting friendships with each other because of like-minded passions.

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Give Back to our Community

We are incredibly passionate about our city - Long Beach! We seek ways to continually understand and give back to our community, while taking on active leadership roles and building lasting relationships with our sponsor organization, Long Beach Rotary.

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Our Membership Benefits

Whether you have just graduated from college, have several years of work experience, or are new in town, being a member of Rotaract Long Beach will offer you many unique benefits.

Membership Kit:  Upon becoming a member you will receive:

  1. Name Badge
  2. 4-way Test Card,
  3. Rotaract Long Beach T-shirt
  4. Special Rotaract pin

And get invited to…

Long Beach Rotary Meetings: Rotaract Long Beach members are occasionally invited by Rotarians to Long Beach Rotary meetings, which are held on the Queen Mary. Guests have the opportunity to listen to amazing guest speakers while enjoying good food and great company.

Members Only Events: Every month we host one members-only social event to celebrate our local Long Beach Culture. We encourage all members to attend events and get to know each other better.

Rotaract and Rotary Events: In addition to our chapter’s regular projects and events, you’ll have access to the wide range of unique and exciting events hosted by Rotary International, such as parties, workshops, socials and annual national and international, aimed to educate attendees on Rotary and the causes it promotes.


Join an Upcoming Event!

Learn more about becoming a member today!  Join for an upcoming professional meeting, service or social event to get to know the club. See you soon!